Juniper Flat RFPD
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Juniper Flat
Rural Fire Protection District

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All fires within the ODF boundary must have a ODF Burning permit year around

ODF Fire Regulations




within the

ODF and Juniper Flat Districts


Juniper Flat RFPD Adopts ODF Fire Regulations imposed in the Juniper Flat RFPD and ODF Dual Protection Lands and applies those Regulations to the entire Juniper Flat Rural Fire Protection District

Juniper Flat RFPD

80501 Hwy 216

Maupin, Oregon 97037


Fire Chief:

Eugene Walters





Welcome to Juniper Flat RFPD!

Supporting Fire and EMS Services through Community Involvement

Juniper Flat Rural Fire Protection District is organized under ORS Chapter 478, was established in 1976 and is a volunteer department located in rural So. Wasco County of Oregon. The primary response area is 93 square miles. Through formal automatic and mutual aid agreements JF RFPD could be called to response any where in the county. The department is accredited by the Oregon Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training to provide weekly NFPA firefighter training. The district holds a ISO class 6 for property that is within 5 road miles of one of the three Stations.


If your neighbor’s house caught fire or there was a Wildland fire raging toward their home, wouldn’t you want to do more than watch?  Of course you would. And we’d like to offer a suggestion:


The Juniper Flat Rural Fire Protection District is seeking men and women interested in serving as Volunteers for both emergency response and non-emergency support.

Juniper Flat RFPD is seeking 10 dedicated Volunteer Emergency Responders for Services such as: Wildland & Structure Firefighting, EMS & Life Flight assist, Rope Rescue, Extrication, Hazmat

Juniper Flat RFPD is seeking 2 dedicated Volunteer Non-Emergency Support persons for Services such as: assistance during and after incidents as well as apparatus and equipment maintenance.

Request your application today!

Juniper Flat RFPD: 541-328-6388 or

It’s a great way to do something important for your community and for yourself!  But to be a volunteer fire fighter, you’ll need more than just a desire to help people.  You’ll also need ENTHUSIASM, COURAGE and DEDICATION to learn new skills to face new challenges.

To be eligible to become a firefighter you will need to be:

At least 18 years of age - Good physical condition - Have a Valid Driver’s License

The Juniper Flat RFPD provides training with 3 NFPA certified instructors weekly.

You will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment , Pagers and Training

The Volunteer Firefighter Roster Policy

To insure the safety and insurablity of the firefighter, to provide teamwork among all firefighters, to have a good understanding of the apparatus, equipment and protocols of the fire department and to be compatible in the fire service.

The Board of Directors of the JUNIPER FLAT RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT here by adopts the following requirements to qualify as a member of the Juniper Flat Rural Fire Protection District Roster of Firefighters.

1. Attend and complete a minimum of three entire regular training drills (normally scheduled every Thursday evening, except holidays) per yearly quarter for a total of no less than 12 for the calendar year.

2. Firefighters shall meet the Oregon Department Public Safety Standards and Training basic requirements for certified Wildland and/or Structure firefighting within one year of joining.

3. Apparatus Drivers shall hold a NFPA Driver notice of completion certificate within one year of joining.

4. Tender Drivers shall hold a NFPA Driver notice of completion certificate and pass a department knowledge and skill test of tender operations.


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